Cremona Tour 2019

In late August 2019 Lymington Town Band, together with Amesbury Town Band under the baton of their musical director Clive Burroughs, took part in a successful concert tour in Cremona, Italy. The band played three outdoor concerts set in spectacular venues within medieval towns to packed audiences who demonstrated their appreciation with standing ovations. The musical program included a selection of light music including Jungle Book 2, Aces High and the Post Horn Gallop. The band was also joined on stage by members of the Orchestra Fiati and the Casalbuttano and Offanengo band.

The cathedral in Cremona was particularly spectacular and when lit up in the evening provided a magical setting for one of our performances. It was also nice to see so many people enjoying our music. In addition, the band had plenty of ‘down time’ which allowed members of the band to visit the new Stradivarius museum, take in a violin recital, listen to the cathedral organ and see the sites of the old town. Many band members also chose to climb the 502 steps of the medieval cathedral tower in order to get a wider view of the area and there was time for socialising with the various band members.

Friday 23 August

The band had the day to explore Cremona with some members deciding to brave the climb to the famous Cremona clock tower. Others chose to visit the Stradivarius violin museum.

In the evening a joint rehearsal was held in Casalbuttano with Amesbury Town Band before both bands enjoyed an outdoor dinner with our Italian hosts. Following Dinner a joint rehearsal was held with the host Italian Bands.

Saturday 24 August

The band played its first concert outside the Church in Casalbuttano. Following the concert presentations were made and an enjoyable social evening was hosted by the Italian bands.

Sunday 25th August

During the day some band members went on a boat trip on the beautiful river Po whilst others opted to attend a violin recital at the Stradivarius museum. In the late afternoon the band visited Offanengo for a walking tour. 

In the evening the bands played to a packed town square in Cremona and received several encore requests and standing ovations.

Monday 26th August

For the final engagement of the tour Lymington Town Band and Amesbury Town Band once again joined together to play a wide selection of music on the Village Green in Offanengo