About Us


We are a wind band under the baton of Clive Burroughs.  The band has a wide ranging repertoire of music including popular melodies and jazz as well as marches, hymns and classical works.  Hear us in Lymington and the surrounding area, at various venues such as Lymington Community Centre, St John’s Church, the town bandstand and on the green at Milford-on-Sea.   We perform for and at Charity Events, for example, the RNLI Annual Service and the Oakhaven Hospice Christmas Concert. The Band welcomes all brass, woodwind and percussion players.


BAND PATRON – Lymington Town Mayor

MUSICAL DIRECTOR – Clive Burroughs

Clive Burroughs was appointed Musical Director of Lymington Town Band in 2008.  He is a former member of the Blues and Royals, where he attained the rank of Cpl of Horse with the appointment of Trumpet Major.  He was in charge of the Trumpet Team for State and Public Occasions.  As well as being a full member of the Blues and Royals Band, part of his duties was to train other Musicians as well as conducting the Band at rehearsals.  Whilst in the Army he played in a number of Brass Bands in the London and Hertfordshire area.  Since leaving the Army and joining the Family Business, Clive has played in and conducted a number of Brass and Wind Bands in the local area.  He is also currently the Musical Director of Amesbury Brass Band.

SECRETARY – Frank Weller

Frank Weller is the Band’s tireless secretary.  A clarinet player, he joined the Band in1980, became its Chairman in 1983 and held this office for two years.  He side-stepped to become the honorary secretary in 1987 and still holds that position.   Frank is a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer.  Contact Frank:  Tel:  023 80846702  or:  email

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